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Jack Quarlese läbirääkimiste meistriklass

veebruar 7 kell 10:00 - 17:00

PROLOG kutsub töötuppa-koolitusele. Eelmise aasta väga populaarne müügiläbirääkimiste koolitus toimub taas. Tule ja õpi kuidas ainulaadsete võtetega müügis meisterlik edu saavutada.

Koolitus toimub 7. veebruaril Tallinnas. Koolituse keel on inglise keel, mistõttu edastame järgneva, sisu puudutava info samuti inglise keeles. Tutvu Ärikonverents 2018 raames toimuvate töötubade-koolitustega siin ning registreeri siin juba täna. Osalejate arv on piiratud!

AIM of the workshop

Negotiate Value – we will explore how traditional negotiation training has the wrong emphasis, and discover repeatable skills and tools so that buyers can enjoy negotiation and get more value for their purchases.


Module 1: See the Surplus — Master the Mindset and Concepts that Produce Successful Negotiation

Module 2: Know Thy Benefit — Build the first Strategic Skill of Negotiation: Understanding Your Value Drivers

Module 3: Push the Potential — Build the 2nd Strategic Skill of Negotiation: Identifying and Developing Options

Module 4: Maximize Your Value — Practice Tactical Excellence in Negotiation to Secure the Right Deal & Price

PROGRAMME in detail –> https://prolog.ee/arikonverents2018/workshops/

ABOUT the trainer

Jack is the founder of Buying Excellence® and the author of the Payables to Profit™ System for expense management. Over the last 13 years Jack has helped dozens of organizations make better buying decisions and save tens of millions of dollars. As Director of Corporate Procurement at Sallie Mae, Jack led sourcing initiatives for software, services, and information central to the company’s core business. As a founding principal of Invoice Insight (later renamed Xigo), Jack implemented software and BPO solutions with Fortune 500, federal, and state government clients. He has worked on cost reduction project teams with Accenture, Bridge Strategy, Mercer Management Consulting, and McKinsey. A natural encourager, Jack loves to help business leaders achieve more success. He founded a Convene CEO Forum in the Washington DC area and served as Chair for two years. Jack is a charter member of the un-networking group Cadre.Jack has been a highly-rated speaker at national conferences, CEO groups, and business gatherings. He has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg school, and a BA from Yale University. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters, who are all better negotiators than he.

TARGET group

• Everyone who are daily involved and participating in negotiations;
• It doesn’t matter are you procurement professional or selling pro, the workshop is for both sides.

WORKSHOP language

The workshop will be held in English


• 3 and more participants – participation fee is € 299+VAT per participant
• 2 participants – participation fee is € 349+VAT per participant
• Participation fee for one participant € 399+VAT
• PROLOG members – participation fee per participant € 299+VAT


Please fill up the registration form here (in Estonian).

Additional INFO

Martin Kivimäe / +372 56667056 / martin.kivimae@prolog.ee


veebruar 7
10:00 - 17:00
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Martin Kivimäe