Workshops: Marek Rozycki and Jack Quarles

PROLOG Ärikonverentsi raames külastavad Eestit kaks oma valdkonna vaieldamatut proffi AMAZONi endine asepresident Marek Rozycki ja ostuläbirääkimisteguru Jack Quarles. Mõlemad mehed jagavad kahe päeva jooksul enda parimaid strateegiaid müügiedu ja konkurentsi eeliste suurendamiseks.




Time: February 09, 2018, Tallinn, Estonia
Trainer: Marek Rozycki.
About trainer: Marek advises companies on strategic and commercial matters with a focus on e-commerce and M&A. He has been part of the start up team in Poland for DHL, Coopers & Lybrand, Allied Domecq, Grand Met.Monsanto (Poland & Ukraine). As CEO of GeoPost CSEE, he created a region of 16 countries under the DPD brand. Until 2015, he was VP Amazon Logistics EU. Marek also created Masterlink Express in 1991, now DPD Polska, the leading domestic CEP operator. He is currently Non-Executive Chairman at Future Aerial, a UK Drone Services Network.


What can be learned from the Amazon experience: e-commerce, logistics, supply chain strategies. Looking particularly at the following areas:

• Product availability
• Distribution (to door, to access point, other)
• Customer experience (interactivity, other)

How to be ready, in advance?

• Partners & Co-operation
• Own initiatives

Cooperate, compete or both?

• Which way to go and why
• Execution to make this happen


 E-commerce companies and enthusiasts;
 Companies who are thinking to go into e-commerce  business;
 Logistics and parcel companies who are serving e-commerce companies.


 3 and more participants – participation fee is € 299+VAT per participant
2 participants – participation fee is € 349+VAT per participant
Participation fee for one participant € 399+VAT
For PROLOG members – participation fee per participant  € 299+VAT 


Martin Kivimäe / +372 56667056 / or filling the registration form here (in Estonian).


Time: February 07, 2018, Tallinn, Estonia
Trainer: Jack Quarles.
About trainer: Jack is the founder of Buying Excellence® and the author of the Payables to Profit™ System for expense management. Over the last 13 years Jack has helped dozens of organizations make better buying decisions and save tens of millions of dollars.As Director of Corporate Procurement at Sallie Mae, Jack led sourcing initiatives for software, services, and information central to the company’s core business. As a founding principal of Invoice Insight (later renamed Xigo), Jack implemented software and BPO solutions with Fortune 500, federal, and state government clients. He has worked on cost reduction project teams with Accenture, Bridge Strategy, Mercer Management Consulting, and McKinsey. A natural encourager, Jack loves to help business leaders achieve more success. He founded a Convene CEO Forum in the Washington DC area and served as Chair for two years. Jack is a charter member of the un-networking group Cadre.Jack has been a highly-rated speaker at national conferences, CEO groups, and business gatherings. He has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg school, and a BA from Yale University. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters, who are all better negotiators than he.


Negotiate Value – we will explore how traditional negotiation training has the wrong emphasis, and discover repeatable skills and tools so that buyers can enjoy negotiation and get more value for their purchases.

 Hannes Laaser CPO of Telia Eesti AS. A thoroughly enjoyable, well-structured workshop. It was delivered very professionally but with a friendly and informal manner – something which I feel is very hard to do and Jack clearly was very skilled at presenting to groups and engaging people. It was good to take a step back and think about my current negotiating style and to be able to develop a clear action plan for where I need to improve. There was a lot of common sense you already know but Jack approached it from the different angle and made you to question yourself: “have you looked this from a different perspective”? Highly recommended to anybody who wants to develop her/himself in this area.”


  Everyone who are daily involved and participating in negotiations;
  It doesn’t matter are you procurement professional or selling pro, the workshop is for both sides.


Module 1: See the Surplus -- Master the Mindset and Concepts that Produce Successful Negotiation

  1. Lesson 1: The Professional Negotiator. Define the twin skills of negotiating and buying, and understand their impact on personal and professional success. Exercise: Buying with Money and Time
  2. Lesson 2: Benefit — Price = Value. Establish the purpose of buying as attaining maximum value. Define the benefits that a Buyer derives from a purchase. Exercise: Benefit Bullet Points
  3. Lesson 3: Cost Buckets and Bullets. Explore the Seller’s surplus, or Profit. Introduce the five key categories of cost across any purchase and industry, and learn to classify costs. Exercise: Cost Buckets Tool
  4. Lesson 4: You be the Judge. Diagram the surplus in a given transaction and classify the exchange as high-surplus, low-surplus, Buyer-dominated or Seller-dominated. Exercise: Classify Purchases
  5. Transition Lesson: Anchors Away. Apply the concepts in Module 1 in tactical defense against the most widely used negotiation tactic: price anchoring. Exercise: List Anchors and Sources

Module 2: Know Thy Benefit -- Build the first Strategic Skill of Negotiation: Understanding Your Value Drivers

6. Lesson 6: Benefit is Personal and Perceived. Understand how Benefit is not defined as an absolute, but in relation to the Buyer’s situation and the competitive marketplace. Exercise: How much do I Care?
7. Lesson 7: Features versus Benefits. Master the distinction between features and benefits, how they are presented in the sales process, and how both factor into negotiating. Exercise: “X Which Means Y” Worksheet
8. Lesson 8: Short List of Benefits. Learn to connect any purchase to one of three groupings and fifteen specific benefits that expedite comparison and evaluation. Exercise: Name that Benefit
9. Lesson 9: Buying for a Goal. Understand the necessity to connect every purchase to a professional or personal goal in order to value it properly. Exercise: Benefit Bridge Tool

10. Transition Lesson: Power from Options — BATNA. Armed with a mastery of the Benefit, find multiple alternative paths to your goals to generate leverage and power. Exercise: Worst-Case Surplus

Module 3: Push the Potential -- Build the 2nd Strategic Skill of Negotiation: Identifying and Developing Options

11. Lesson 11: Capture Innovation through Negotiation. Ask the two key questions that increase value, and understand cost and technology dynamics that are changing every industry. Exercise: Rate the Change
12. Lesson 12: Solutions versus Vendors. Recognize the sometimes-subtle differences in solutions, and why selecting the best solution must precede choosing the vendor. Exercise: Solution Brainstorm
13. Lesson 13: Finding More Options. Learn to find more options in every purchase by research techniques and by shifting from a product-focus to a problem-focus. Exercise: Factory Exercise — Inputs & Outputs

14. Lesson 14: Comparing Options. Evaluate the benefits and costs of different solutions and options through simple but useful cost models. Exercise: Whiteboard Cost Model
15. Transition Lesson: The Antidote to Scarcity. Translate options into success in face-to-face negotiations by reviewing the options and affirming surplus. Exercise: Jedi Mind Tridcs

Module 4: Maximize Your Value -- Practice Tactical Excellence in Negotiation to Secure the Right Deal & Price

16. Lesson 16: Drive the Process. Maintain control throughout the negotiation and ensure that your communication plan and practice serves your goals. Exercise: Just Say No
17. Lesson 17: Preserving Your Leverage. Advance negotiations while avoiding the most common negotiation pitfalls of early commitment or releasing options. Exercise: Re-writing Expensive Sentences
18. Lesson 18: Help them Help You. Use best practices to help the other party reduce their costs and increase their margins, so they will be motivated to accommodate you. Exercise: Cuffing Their Costs

19. Lesson Sharpening the Pencil. Employ additional rounds of discussion to clarify requirements and provide
pricing feedback that will lead to more value. Exercise: Competitive Feedback
20. Lesson 20: Closing the Deal. Avoid last-minute surprises and gotchas and shady closing tactics, and make sure that your terms reflect the discussions and agreements. Exercise: Closing Checklist


 3 and more participants – participation fee is € 299+VAT per participant
2 participants – participation fee is € 349+VAT per participant
Participation fee for one participant € 399+VAT
For PROLOG members – participation fee per participant  € 299+VAT 



Martin Kivimäe / +372 56667056 / or filling the registration form here (in Estonian).